Just when you thought you could escape….

I’m at home, minding my own business, when the phone rings.
Being 5:30 or so, I naturally think it’s Tara and answer “HEEEllloooooo”.
It wasn’t Tara.
It was a customer.

SideNote:Because I’m at home so often, I have the work number forwarded to my home number.
In general, I don’t unforward because people never call.

So I chat with them for a little while, and realize that they want me to do work.
The nerve of them!
I run down, grab the laptop, and start working.
Tara does call, and I explain that I have to delay everything because someone actually tracked me down.
She’s cool with it.
I then do work and call the customer, explaining to them that because it’s a sev2, it’s only business hours, and their day ends at 5(8 for me :().
I do some more work, and at 7:59, unforward the phone(VOIP is awesome that way).
Then I run away.

I almost feel sad because I checked my email a little later, and at 8:08, there was a voicemail from the customer.
Oh well 😛

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