Keeping Busy

While Tara was working her second job(not for much longer, Woo!) I had to keep myself busy.
So, this is what I did.

I fixed the upstairs toilet. The tank wouldn’t stop filling. It wasn’t running back into the bowl though, so the flapper was fine. It was the fill valve that was bust-ass.
Moving the arm all the way to the top didn’t stop the water, so that cinched it.
The upside(as such) is that it’s a $16 repair. The kits are cheap, and you can replace both the flapper and the fill valve.
It’s easy work as things are just screwed into place with some plastic nuts.
Little messy, but all in all, pretty easy.

Then I fixed the sink.
Well, I cleaned the junk out of the sink. That was gross.
I suspect I’ll have to do it to all of them here as the house inspecter noted that they all drain slowly.
I found out why.
Double Gross.

Then…hmmm…what else did I do?
I did buy a bike for Tara. It was more like I picked up a bike for Tara as she’ll pay me back.
It’s the Canadian Tire house brand(supercycle or something) but they’re solid machines for little cash.
I’ll be getting one shortly then we can bike everywhere.
That reminds me, I’ll need a helmet. I can only skirt the law so much 🙂
I’ll get flames on my helmet, or horns!
Yea, big ass viking horns!
Tara will be so happy…..

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