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Spent the weekend in Sydnham(or however you spell that).
Hadn’t really planned to, well, I went there planning to stay the weekend, but at the beginning of the week I hadn’t planned to.
Let me start that over.

Spent the weekend in Sydnham(or however you spell that).
Started out kinda funny because I emailed AJ to let her know that Ben would be playing (as in an instrument) in a nearby town and that she should go out and see him. Then she suggested that I go with them, and that’s how it all began.
Ben is playing with Heather Dale, and she does modern Celtic music.
She plays the keyboard and Ben, well, Ben plays everything else.
Very enjoyable evening, so good that I saw them again Sunday in Ottawa.
$9 good I tells ya!

It looks like it should be a bit of a rocking tour, since it’ll be three weeks, and it looks like everyday is a new city. Considering that they’ll be traveling in a Saturn wagon, with all the eq and enough stuff to live off of for three weeks…it’s looking cramped.

It was a good weekend ^_^

Monday, Monday was not so good.
I bought some RAM on Thursday, 512Meg worth, but I didn’t have a chance to install it until Sunday.
Well, all seemed to go well, but then the system rebooted.
And it did this at different intervals all through the night; sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 3.
I thought it might be the network card, since it wasn’t screwed in, but nope, it appeared to be the RAM.
So, I did what, and what instinct told me to do, was to return to the place I bought it and ask for a replacement.
Well, they didn’t like that, so what they told me to do was go all the way downtown to get the RAM tested.
Right, can’t just replace it eh? Test it on your own time?
Nope, have to waste my time on this.
So I trek downtown, 30 minutes away, and then stand in line to get the RAM tested.
RAM gets tested, and apparently it’s fine. Now, this only took 30 minutes for a ten minute test.
Then I have to go home again, another 30 minutes.
So, that’s 90 minutes of my time wasted, when they could have just replaced the RAM, and tested it when they had a chance.
No, they believe in wasting the people that support them, wise move.
I mean really, let’s look at the situation here if the damn store just replaced the RAM:
They test it and it’s bad – they return it to the manufacturer
They test it and it’s fine – they sell it to a customer

Where do they lose here?
I lose because my time is wasted.
Can’t tell you how pissed I was.

OEM Express BTW….they can lick my balls…

Here’s the downside though.
I’m cheap, and they tend to have some good prices on odds and ends…
Unless something goes wrong of course…

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