Last Day

Last day of class.
All in all I’ve learned a lot, which is a little surprising.
No, I guess it’s not that I learned something that’s surprising, it’s that I learned something *useful* that’s really surprising.
I mean, when I generally come to these kinds of classes, I learn something kinda neat, but really don’t use it again.
This time around, I can actually see using this near daily!
That’s impressive.

Except for Monday, most of my off time has been spent with Ben and Norah. That’s always fun.
Tuesday was a BBQ in the rain and last night was dinner with Heather, Peter and the rest.

The late evenings have been spent talking to Tara. She has this wicked phone plan where calls are 25cents. Can’t beat that.
I’m sure she has to listen to some kind of ad, but 25cents for long distance calls? Yea, it’d be worth it.

Tonight I think I’ll head to the mall, maybe wander a bit, and then eat some sushi.
I’ve been really good about not buying things.
I mean, I could easily pick up three anime series that I’ve been meaning to watch. They’re only $15 each(yea, bootlegs), but I’ve stopped since I know I can download these same series.
It’s not a great justification, but it does save me some cash.
That, and I still have a lot of stuff I haven’t watched yet.
I think I’d only pick up stuff that wasn’t easy, or just not possible, do download.
Grandizer comes to mind.

Anyway, then after all that I’m driving home. I’m glad that I don’t have to drive tomorrow, long weekend and all.

Speaking of which, I’m going to try and get the fence all done on Saturday so that I can have people and their dogs over on Sunday.
That’ll be a good test to check the usefulness of the fence.

Anyway, off to class!

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