Last Swim Day

Today was the last day of Liams weekly swim class. We only missed a few due to illness, but overall he just loved it! And I loved being there with him 🙂

The kid is a natural water baby. He’s always loved it and I’m glad that he’s so comfortable in the water. I was talking with another lady there, and her kids had waited until the age of 8 before they went swimming, and were really terrified of it. Not Liam, he just screams and splashes and loves being in the water.

So I now have to find him something else to do. We’re thinking of a sports type thing because there’s nothing else he likes to do more than walk and run. In fact, it’s made waiting for Mommy at the bus stop a much nicer experience. I can just let him out of the car and walk around. Supervised of course 😉

Which leads me to our new activity today. We had some time before swimming, so I went through Timmys, grabbed a coffee and some bits, and we headed to the mall. Nothing was open, but all the mall walkers were there. I plopped him down, gave him a bit, and off he went! All the walkers just raved about him and I think really liked having him there. He’s such a good natured kid right now, all full of smiles and glee. It was so much fun to watch that we might make it a regular thing. That, and it’s a warm safe environment to be in.

So, we’re between classes, and that being said, I’m available for play dates if anyone is interested 😀

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