Late Weekend Update


It’s Tuesday, and I’m late with Mondays weekend update.
Not sure why I just don’t write more on the weekends?
Oh well.

Friday, started out poorly but was good again around 11.
Dropped the dog off at the parents, and then hit the road.
Stopped at the first service station to check tire pressure.
Now, I just had 4 new, brand new, tires put on the car, and you’d think they would all have close if not the same tire pressure?
Apparently, that was too much to ask.
It’s not like they were even close!
There was a variance of about 5psi all the way around the car.
How hard is this?

Got to Ben and ‘s place, but missed the DVP exit(gotta be a first) and ended up phoning for directions.
We chatted, sorted out what we wanted to do, and did it.
What we did was get pizza, a couple of movies(of which I didn’t see the second one yet) and then broke the internet.
Think we mostly fixed it Saturday morning though, so all is good.

Went to the Pacific Mall Saturday, and not late enough to get no parking.
Had some breakfast sushi and bubble tea.
Or shake, something more than tea really.
Wandered about, and into the DVD store of uber cheap. They lowered their prices too. Now it’s 10 for $30!
So of course I got 10. Why wouldn’t I?
Wandered some more, into an anime place, and they’ve lowered their prices as well.
The box set rang up as $108, but the real price was $18. That’s some discount!
It’s getting harder for me to buy bootleg anime DVDs these days. Not because I’m against it, but because I can download it for free, and free is better.
Some things I still have to resort to DVDs for, like Might Gain, but for $18, that’s not a problem.
Had more bubble tea, actually a slush, and realised that there is a daily limit to tapioca, and I had reached it before ordering the tea.
Oh well, it made for some amusing ground art ^_^

The rest of that day was spent doing computer geekery and helping Ben sort out what he wanted to do with the DB stuff.
Actually, it helped me to figure out what to do with the DB stuff, and that’s slightly more useful since I’ll be doing it.

More TV watching. I’ve seen more Cracker this weekend than I have my entire life. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I might have to snag some more to catch up with the series.

Sunday was comic book shoppe time. Bought the Planetz dvds. Probably shouldn’t have, but I did.
They were cheapish.
That’s pretty much it for Sunday as I drove off into the sunset.

All in all a good weekend.

But I was really tired yesterday. But I got my doggie back, which makes like exciting ^_^

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