OK OK, I know I said that I would have the normal page up and going again sometime today, but that’s not gonna happen.
The reason is a good one though. See, with the current new design, I would have to manually add entries, and then make archive files of each entry. And because of that I could only update the page from home, on the web server.
That kinda sucks.
So I made a little form page so that I could add entries AND it would make archives of it.
Also, if I make more than one entry a day(which happens) it won’t overwrite itself!
Now that’s cool ^_^
Yes, I am happy with myself for doing this, only from the PHP docs, and I was up till 3am last night figuring out the fiddly bits.
Then more hours today getting other parts to work.
And since I have a java class tonight, I won’t get the pages updated today;maybe tonight, but not today.
It also adds the base for future functionality, eventually I want to have everything in a seperate archive so that you can go to any day you want. This will include the BlogDrive entries, and whatever entries that I can find ^_^

But that’s another day.

No, I haven’t been writing….I’m still waiting for the all consuming inspiration….

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