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You know, one day I’m actually going to do something with this blog other than posting random updates. Mind you, I’ve been threatening that for years πŸ˜‰

We got a new couch set today. It’s the second on in a couple of weeks really. The first one, while looking nice in the show room, really didn’t fit well with out TV/Living room. So we ditched it and got a couch and loveseat. The other one was a sectional with a cheise.

Looking at it now though, I think this one isΒ  a little bigger than that last one. Granted, it does have a space for a coffee/end table, so it’s all good. And I think if we play with it a little we can make it work.

August will be a busy month for Tara and I.

Tara has her medical terminology exam this weekend, so she’s studying like made for that. Then we head off to St Catherines and then the riding next weekend. I’ll be working out of the hotel room for part of it and the riding office for the other part. It’s close enough to Toronto that I might be able to drop into the TO office and meet the team I work with πŸ™‚

After that Tara has a girls weekend in Tremblant. I suspect they’ll do all the girly things there. That means I’ll have the guys over for a BBQ or something. And I get to catch up on my horror movies.

After that it should be a nice quiet weekend/Saturday in the 1000 islands. We’ve been meaning to do this for a little while, just a nice little getaway. So we’re finally going to do it. Sure, it’s a single night, but it’ll be nice.

We’re going to cancel with the Rogers high speed service this week or next. I’m just tired of keeping tabs on my downloads. It’s tiring. So I’m moving back to Velcom. It’s slower(5megs instead of 10, but probably 2.5) but it’s unlimited downloads and no throttling. And it’s cheaper by about $25/month, which is nice. I just hope the phone line isn’t wonky anymore. I remember there was a connection problem everytime there was a storm coming. I guess I’ll find out.

Also, we’re going to drop Vonage as the service is pretty assy and I just don’t want to pay for it anymore. We’ll probably be using Skype for most things. People already have my cell number so I don’t need to worry about incoming calls. Not that I get a lot to begin with. Skype has a service of $13/month where I can call out to 40 different countries. Which is just perfect. So in all we’re saving $50/month with the different ISP and Skype.

Tara and I have made it past Plants vs Zombies, and we’re waiting for the sequal that’s bound to show up.

The grass hasn’t been cut in some time now, and it looks like it’s about to send down hail so I doubt it’s getting but tonight.

With any luck tomorrow will be better and I can tame the thing that I call a back yard.

Until next time!

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    Glad to hear that the furniture thing turned out okay.

    Good luck to Tara on the upcoming exam!

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot on the go afterward.

    I’d like to hear your take on Skype too. I’ve thought about it, though Robin isn’t big on the idea…

    (How much do you download anyway?!? We’ve got 60 GB and don’t know that we’ve ever come close… I do miss Velcom though… too bad the lines suck here.)


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