Lay Off

Now before anyone panicks, it wasn’t me.
However, it was someone that started the same day as me, and if it wasn’t for this, we would be have worked at this place together for a year come tomorrow.

Lay offs have never really made sense to me, considering they’re already figuring out a way to replace him.
It has something to do with automation.
He was good at it, skilled in it, but only with a certain type of app. Now this app, which is sorta owned by us, doesn’t work with another app, which is also owned by us. So somewhere, this is his fault.
Or something like that.
So they scrap automation, and because of that they scrap him.
Not thinking that the QA team is behind as it is, not thinking that the new person will have to be trained with the application, the procedures and in general a ramp up time that will only throw them more behind.
Not thinking that the person that they just got rid of is perfectly suited for his job, loves his job and is good at his job.
No, he had one skill that they no longer needed, so because of that they fire his ass.
And for all the hard work he put into this project they give him two fucking weeks pay.
Legal minumum.
He was on probabtion. Nine months.
Legal maximum.
I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but it’s hard to see that right now. But how much more can their be?
It’s just business. And business sucks ass.

I’m not really happy with the people I work for at the moment.
I want to scream, I want to yell.
I want to tell them to their faces what idiots they are.
I want to tell them about the mistake they just made.

He had organised a pot-luck lunch tomorrow.
Don’t think I’m gonna go.
Silent protest. So silent maybe no one will notice.
But I will.

Do well Paul.

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