Lazy Saturday

Today was half spent sleeping.
Tara and I like to have lazy weekends. It’s just time together that we don’t get during the week.
Granted, that will change soonish, and maybe we’ll have productive weekends.
Then again, maybe not.
We were up at 7, fed all the pets, kinda looked at each other, and fell asleep until 11.

Then we popped out to Canadian Tire(the store is huge now, but really poorly organized) and Danier.
I actually have a real leather jacket now. Not that I didn’t before, but it was the college jacket. And after 10 years, I think it was time to retire it 🙂

It’s a nice jacket, and on sale for $99 instead of a lot more.
Which makes you think about mark up and all that.

We’re still trying to get over colds. We have them mostly at bay, but still the occasional cough and whatnot.

Dunno what tomorrow brings.

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