Left 4 Dead

Just quickly:

Played some of the demo and it’s pretty awesome.
It’s fully designed to be a co-op playing game, and the single player has no saving(at least I didn’t see it) so you either make it through to some save point…or you don’t.
That being said, it’s not fully designed to be impossible and the like. Pistols have unlimited ammo, and if you have two, then it’s just like uzi, with a slightly longer reloading time.

Every now and then there’s a huge rush of zombies, and it get’s a little hectic, but still a lot of fun.

I can see playing this for a little while. Not sure if I’d pay full price or anything, but I think you can play multi with the demo, so if someone else has a Steam account and want’s to play, hit me up 🙂

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