Badminton last night was all about beginners.
I think the guy that was doing the course was on the Olympic team, or at least some big pro.
He showed us some grips and excellent techniques on how to serve, return and the back hand.
Also some foot work.
I have to say that knowing just that kind of stuff, I’ve noticed that Tara and I picked up our game some.
So the next time we go we’ll be a little better prepared for what the others can dish out 🙂

Granted, our forarms and wrists hurt, but that’s because they were what we were using more than anything else.

I think tonight is all about being quiet and still. Tara had a really terrible sleep last night and she was mostly a zombie this morning.

That being said, she’s still at work. Normally she’s off at 5, and here it is 20 to 6….add 40 minutes to get home(whenever it is she catches the bus) and she’s home late.

I might be able to convince her for take out tonight. Not that dinner will take long to make, but speed might be of the essence here 😉

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