Linux sorta day

I guess part of my plan was to host the web page from the other linux box, so I made arrangements for that to be done.
Which means installing the new beta of Mandrake. All appears to go well, except that I can’t connect to the net. Sorta a prerequisite for hosting web pages.
Try as I might, there was no internet love for me.
So, I tried the other system thinking that it might be rogers doing some weird anti-linux thing. I was wrong. The main box got on the web right away.
BUT, for some reason the resolution is 640×480!
And for the life of me, I don’t know how to switch it to something better!
There doesn’t seem to be an obvious config file(although I know there is….somewhere) and just when I figure that I’ll go to the XFree86 site…it’s down!
It was not a particularly glorious day. But I’m sure everything will get better….

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  1. aelfric the very confused after his nap

    Sympathy. I have spent much of the day trying to recompile the kernel, without much bloody success – I thought I’d use the nifty new 2.4.19 kernel and do you think I can get the bloody iptables configured right with it? Can I bollocks. Oh well I’m going to try exactly the same thing with 2.4.18 and see if it works… and then maybe go to work. Hmph.


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