Linux Sound

For kicks I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on the main box.
The main box has all the power ever and I wanted to see what the new Ubuntu was like.

Well, as far as I can tell(5 minutes in) I still get wonky sound issues 🙁

I was happy that, when it displayed the login screen, I got the bongos, but not a peep since.

I’m installing the updates to see if that adjusts anything, one never knows.

At this point I wonder if it’s an issue with the sound card. Sure, Windows has no problem, and has never had a problem with this card.
But EVERYTIME I install linux, there’s a sound issue.

Not that I want to shell out for a new card. As I say, everywhere else it works.
It’s an Audigy2, it’s not ancient.
I wonder if the onboard card would work any better?
Guess it would free up a slot…not that I have a need for that either.

Ugh, computers.

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  1. olletho

    I feel your pain. I really really do.


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