Tara is downstairs getting a make up test done, so I have to sit the animals.

What better way to do that than to make lists of things that I want for Christmas!

Only problem is, I’ve been at it for an hour…and I have 4 things.

Two of which are kinda the same.

I have this problem a lot actually. I want a lot of things, but whenever anyone asks me, I draw a blank.

And when I sit down to think about it, I become kinda pragmatic, and never pick things that could just be fun/silly/pretty useless.

So I’m trying to distract myself and open up to newer different things.

And it’s working like a charm because now I’m not only not thinking about it, I’m blogging that I’m not thinking about it.

I think I lost.

I look around my office, and I stuff just here, stuff that I might notice missing, but probably not.

And I ask myself, do I want more of that, or something I might use?

A Wii would be nice.

I think that if I clean my desk, I could probably think of a ton of organizational stuff I’d like to have and never use.

I could get junk from Ikea.

Or just junk from anywhere really.

The problem is that it’s most likely to be junk, whatever it is that I choose.

Junkish anyway.

Which makes me think I shouldn’t ask for anything.

Gah, why is this so hard?

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