Little rocky on the Java front

Don’t think I’m gonna get that A+ that I wanted in this Java course. Just had a second quiz, and I only got 50%. But I’d like to think that’s because I studied the wrong stuff, but as it is, I don’t remember details about this sorta stuff.
Actually, I just haven’t been practicing, I should have been. But I didn’t.
I don’t think I’m gonna fail, but I might have to settle for a B. Personally, I can live with that. Can’t live with a C, but a B is acceptable.
Besides, I’m not sure if I’ll ever use this stuff. This is really a course for my own interest. Actually, the whole self interest thing sorta stopped after the last course. I might not with these courses for the certificate. But then again I might.
Who knows?
I can’t remember what the next one is anyway. I have a feeling it has something to do with Java Server Pages, so I might just continue. Besides, there’s going to be some time between this course and the next, so I should have plenty of time to practice. Should.
If I don’t do something else of course.As for ideas on makeing this a ‘Community’ type site, I might make and add a forum.
Wouldn’t that be fun ^_^
But the decision to take the comment section away is also looming(if I make the forum that is).
I might as well keep both, since it’ll probably extra work to remove the comment option. And I like the comments.
But a forum would be neat.
Think I’ll use PHP and MySQL to do it.
Might need a bigger hard drive….no money…..


  1. 02/13/2003 11:46 AM EST

    Just build the forum, leave the comments, then check to see what one gets used the most.

  2. 02/13/2003 03:21 PM EST

    I’d considered making a form-esque ‘view’ for my journal, where each of my journal entries became the first post in a new forum topic.
    I still might, actually…

  3. 02/13/2003 04:10 PM EST

    That should be ‘forum-esque.’ Since it’s not a real word, I figured I’d better make myself clear.
    As for this Java stuff… Yeah, it’s really hard to get into a language if you don’t really have a use for it. Java’s a nice and *useful* language, but it’s not a particularly *fun* language. I don’t feel overly compelled to write Java apps when I go home at night. Its potential for games or stupid web crap is pretty limited (although people try…).
    Do I have a point? Um, no. Oh well.

  4. aelfric disturbed

    Yep, I just read that as ‘no monkey’. And I’m wondering about the monkey fixation… but that’s OK. You might want to look at in terms of forum stuff… I seem to recall Kevin had some nice code in there, and I don’t imagine he’d mind you lifting it. Of course I could just be on crack. It would have to be exceptionally cheap crack, mind you…

  5. SideKick

    Interesting plan, but I think I’m gonna keep the two seperate. Now I just have to get off my ass, get a job so that I feel like doing my own stuff in the evening….and get paid…and buy stuff….etc.


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