Live! From Anime North!

So I made it.
A little behind, but not really, so it all works out.

Picked up since I was slow anyway, and then got kinda sorta lost on the way to the con.
Turned ourselves around and we were on the right track.

Dropped off and ran to get my butt registered.
That was mostly painless and really didn’t take all that long in terms of line.
Mind you, if I had waited just a little longer, then it would have taken days.

Checked into the hotel and had a great surprise.
Not only was it two separate beds, but there’s also a pull out couch and two TVs.
it’s cheaper than last year, buy a lot!

Met up with and we snagged ourselves some food.
Boston Pizza, not overly anime, but it works.

Then the great tour of the dealers room. Checked in on to make sure she hadn’t exploded, and she hadn’t.
There’s a lot to see in the dealers room, and I suspect that I won’t go out of control in terms of buying things.
Sure, there’s a lot of *stuff* that I *could* buy, but I won’t.
I just don’t need it. There are little cool things, and I might get them because they’re fun.
But not a lot of anime I think.
Sure, I just bought Cromartie High School, but it was $40.
I’ll also pick up the rest of the manga because it’ll be about the same.

Now we’re going over the list for the photo hunt. It should be cool.

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