Long Days

The show went a little longer than even the extra two hours.
Which, I might add, went rather well. I was up to about 49 listeners at one point.
I just wish I could interact with them a little bit more.
I have an x-fire account now, which means very little to me.

So yea, four hours. That’s a long time.
Then I worked on converting some Robotech vids from the ogg container to avi. That worked wellish, but for some reason the DVD player downstairs doesn’t like them.
The one upstairs does, but the exercise bike is downstairs.
Oh well. Kinda frustrated with that, I didn’t bike.

Got my OBD2 reader in the mail yesterday. The car threw a Check Engine Light, and I wanted to know what it was.
I had suspected the glow-plugs since it was first thrown on a really cold day.
So after not biking, I opened up the package, and wandered over to the car.
The OBD port was easy enough to find, however not very easy to connect to.
See, I bought my reader on e-bay, which means that the plastic probably isn’t exactly molded to fit the port properly.
The ‘official’ ones at canadian tire are about $300, and I spent $50.
With a little grunting and gnashing of teeth, it finally got attached.
I’ll have to file down the sides of the reader to make it easier next time.

I hit the button, and up popped a code: 16764
Woot, it worked. Now to look up the code. Not in the book.
Looked online, and this is what it says: 16764 / P0380 code (Glow plug/heater circuit electrical fault (Q6))
Doesn’t really mean much, except something to do with the glow-plugs is buggered.
A little more reading, and it turns out that between 1990 and 2001, if there was anything wrong with either the plugs or the harness, it would throw a single code.
So now I have to borrow a multi-meter and see if it’s the plugs or the harness. I hope it’s the plugs, they’re easy to swap out.
The harness, not so much.
But hey, that $50 just saved me $25 in diagnostic tests, so it’s still worth it.
Now if I could just get it to fit better.

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