Long Drive

And no, it’s not about golf…

Drove to and from Toronto yesterday.
Had to pick up Tara’s Mom and Brother at the airport.

For the most part it was uneventful. There was a bit of a close call and I had to slam on the breaks.
Now, this is the first time I’ve actually done that with this car, and the back end seems to have whipped out and to the right.
This is one of those things you would like to know before getting into an accident.
I should really try to find a large parking lot, take it up to a decent speed, and slam on the breaks to see what it does.
I would really like to know for future reference.
And with any luck I wouldn’t flip the damn thing 🙂

We left at 10 and got home at 9. So it was a long day.
With all the beds taken, my snoring has become a bit of a problem. Tara fled to the couch this morning, and I think it did a little number on her back 🙁
I should be taking the couch from now on. I mean, I’ll be working from home this week anyway, and she’ll be out and about entertaining. I think she needs the use of her back more than I do 🙂

Picked up the dog from the kennel this morning, and she’s uber thirsty.
That, and I think she snagged a blanket from some other poor dog. She’s such a bully 🙂
But it’s nice to have her home again. And her first order of business was to jump on the guest bed, with Tara’s mom still sleeping in it.


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