Looking for Today

I have about 30 minutes to write and post for today.
So the topic is going to be about today.

Woke up this morning as I always do to the dog whining.
That’s how I wake up on the weekends, during the week it’s the alarm.
I have to admit that I yelled at the dog this morning so that I could get a little more sleep. I’m feeling a little guilty about that, but she really has to learn how to ‘hold it’ i the morning.
8am, no problemo. 6am, that’s another story.

Took the dog for a quick walk and then made coffee and breakfast.
I would say that I’m getting bored of having the same old breakfast day after day, but I’m not.
Toast with PB&J and coffee, with a splash of OJ, makes for a good breakfast.
It’s odd that, if I have big breakfast, I’m hungrier sooner.

Puttered around for a little bit on the main computer seeing if I could copy all the NWN2 CDs onto a single DVD and get it to install that way.
It was easier that I thought, so I made the DVD iso, uninstalled my copy, reinstalled it, and it worked perfectly.
You still need the main disk to actually play the game, but that’s alright.

Knowing that I was going to miss Battlestar tonight, I was smart and downloaded the Sci-Fi version last night.
I’m still enjoying this series, but I wonder where it’s headed.
The end of the last season they had ‘settled’ on an earth like planet, and was then over-run and occupied by the cylons.
I really though that this would start a sort of ‘V’ type series, with a lot of ground skirmishes and the like, but by the end of the 6th episode, they were back in space.
And episodes before that, while interesting, were a little slower pace.
They did work on some character development that I fear might go to waste in the end.

Then I packed it all up, even the dog, put everything in the car and went on my way.
First was to drop the dog off at the folks.
I was both a little worried and not at all worried about leaving the dog at my parents place for the day.
Not that I don’t think my parents would be able to handle her, they’ve raised plenty of dogs, and even this ‘monster’ black lab.
But Qanuk can be a little energetic.

After that, it was a quick trip home as I forgot to bring a power cable and ear phones, then off to the lan party.
We played some real time strategy WW2 game that I’m totally blanking on.
And for my first time at it, I didn’t totally suck.
Sure, I was a little slow to get going, but I did prove to at least be a thorn in someones side.
Sure, I was wiped out, but I put up a hell of a fight ^_^

Once everyone was actually there we started with NWN2.
I have to say, at after playing it for 6 hours, it’s not very different that the first one.
I really didn’t know what I was expecting, and I think that, if it ventured too much from the first then I wouldn’t actually like it.
There is a really irritating part to it though.
With the multiplayer, when one member of your party talks to someone, no one else can actually do anything.
This includes, but is not limited to, bringing up other information screens.
And it stays like this until the person is done speaking.
I suppose this would be good if the person being spoken to had important info to say, and therefore the other members in the party wouldn’t have to repeat talking to this person.
But it’s really annoying. Especially if you want to buy something from that person. Case in point, we all wander into a town, and for the first time we all have a couple bucks to spend to get stuff.
We find the stuff selling dude, and someone initiates contact. We all stop. The start of the barter process at least ends the conversation. But then the second person wants to buy something, so they talk to the same person.
Everyone stops. This happens seven times as all seven of us want to talk to the same guy just to buy stuff.
Really annoying.

But after 9 hours of straight game playing, I call it a day.
That, and I told my folks that I would pick the dog up at 10.
And almost on the dot of ten, I was there.
Turns out she was a perfect angel.
They had taken her for a nice long walk and she spent a good portion of the night on a blanket that my Mom is going to make a dog bed from.

And it looks like I have 15 minutes to spare!

I think the next lan party, I’m going to buy a laptop.
While it’s getting easier to lug the stuff around, it’s still a major pain in the behind.
Those things can be really heavy.

Tomorrow is going to be spent recovering from today.
Too much junk food.
I’ll also have to bike tomorrow.
The dog had better sleep in….

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