Lunch Time Demos: Serious Sam Double D

I have some time to kill at lunch, and there’s no better way to do that than play a game or two.

This week I downloaded the Serious Sam Double D demo and played it through.


If you’ve never played any of the other Serious Sam games, let me sum it up for you:

You have a gun, you shoot and kill waves and waves of enemies, then there’s a final boss, then there’s the next level. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Not that it’s a bad thing. It was designed that way, and people ate it up. For some reason, I was just never very good at it. I mean, it’s just a FPS boiled down to it’s roots. There’s not even much of a story to get in the way Winking smile At least, none that I was ever aware of.

Developed by, it seems that the original developers of the Serious Sam games have opened up the concept to Indie developers. Which is pretty cool.

While the original was a FPS, this is a side scroller, with the mouse used to aim the gun(s). It reminds me of the older games like Abuse(the first time I saw this kind of aiming system used).

So while that’s nothing new, and the overall Serious Sam concept isn’t new, there’s an interesting, and crazy, twist to this. There’s a gun stacker(see image). It stacks guns. So you can use more than one at the same time.

Oh, and there’s a giant chainsaw in there as well. While the demo was limited, I was able to stack:

  • Default machine gun
  • Tommy Gun 1
  • Tommy Gun 2
  • Shotgun

And they all fired at once. Had I another stacker, I could have plopped the chainsaw on there as well. The full version of the game allows up to 6 guns to stack. It’s a fun, yet totally crazy, thing to see Smile

I played it on the normal setting and was able to get through the first two levels without too much difficulty. I can see where they would ramp things up though, because that’s what the game is all about.

The graphics are very 2d. In fact, it really looks paperish. But I suspect that was the intended effect. It does remind me of flash games where everything seems to be connected with push pins. But no real complaints there, it’s a fun effect.

There are some nice little details, like if you jump on a killed enemy, it still goes squish. And the soundtrack is very rocking. it goes very well with the action. And that’s all there is in this game. Action. If you stand still too long, more people port out of no where. Just to try and kill you. There’s no catching your breath here Smile

Would I buy it? Now here’s the question.

As it’s only $8, it’s not a serious commitment. And it’s a good time killer and since you can save pretty much anywhere, it’s good for casual gamers.

If I had the extra cash, sure, I’d buy it. Would I save my pennies over a period of time for it; no.

But hey, try the demo, it’s free and on Steam.

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