Make it a Double

For years I’ve been lost and kinda confused.
So, late last night, I did a test.
I measured the matress my partents gave me(60″ wide) and my matress(50″ wide).
Turns out I have a double, not a queen size matress.

Which is really odd, since:
1. I could have sworn I bought a queen size matress
2. The bed frame that I bought, again, I could have sworn that it was for a queen size bed.

So, for nearly three years, I was blissfully unaware that my bed was smaller than I thought it was.
I bought sheets for a queen size bed(and they fit) and generally thought I had something that I didn’t.
Well, I don’t have what I thought I had, and it really irritates me.

But what do I do now?
The bed is only three (not even) years old, so there’s no point in getting rid of it. It matches the frame perfectly.
I suppose I could try out the matess my folks gave me(which is a queen size) and then swap, but really, there’s only one of me, and most of the time when I have guests over that sleep here, they’re couples, so they could use the space.

I guess I’ll live with my slightly smaller bed. Kinda wish that I could find the receipt though, I’d like to know what I paid for.
Not that there’s anything I can do about it now….

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