Mandrake 10

It’s out, available to the general public, and I’m going to try and download it tonight.

In other news, I think I finally got my 160Gb to be properly recognized by Windows. Now it comes to mind that I think I accomplished this task some time ago, and then forgot how I did it because it very obviously came undone.
See, the drive is 160Gb(or 152 after rounding), but it was only reporting at 127. Not so good.
Then I found tools from Maxtor, used them to set the drive up, and it reported at the right size.
Then(foolishly), I reformatted the drive in Windows. Now here’s the interesting bit. It still said I had 152Gigs, but only 127 free. Then I ran a chkdsk on it, and 25Gigs of bad sectors.
Somehow I though not.
The long and the short of it, I had to download an “unsigned” driver from the ATA board manufacturer to get it to recognize properly. Even after a reformat.
So what’s the point of Microsofts “signed” drivers if they’re not even up to date? Like 3 years out of date not up to date!

Oh well, it works, and I can copy my porn back on.

And my anime, mp3s, movies…stuff….I should really look to see what I have and what I need….maybe use that DVD burner I bought to get rid of some stuff.

OK, so that’s the second problem. I download all this stuff, don’t use it, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to delete it.
I have DAYS worth of downloaded anime that I haven’t even watched yet, and it’s just sitting there. And even after I watch it, it’s not like I’m going to delete it. Not after spending so much time to get it!
And I don’t want to burn off part of a series, that would be silly….
Maybe I’ll just do that and get it over with….that way they don’t get corrupt…

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