Max Payne

Saw Max Payne tonight, and it could and should have been a lot of better.

For a game that was based on film-noir movies, the movie should have been more film-noir. As in some, because it didn’t even approach it.
Also, there should have been a lot more gun play, and again, there wasn’t.

I’ve played both of the games, and they were a lot of fun to play, and it shouldn’t have been hard to transfer that to film. But they didn’t do it at all.

Other than the odd hit of bullet time, but it was a long drawn out scene that should have been at least 10 seconds shorter, and it could have worked nicely.

Does make me want to play it again though, shouldn’t be that hard to find 😉

Also makes me want to watch some film-noir. I have the Maltese Falcon kicking around here somewhere, I should pop it in.

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    What, not one comment about having dinner with Jason Spezza??


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