As promised, a better and longer post.

First and foremost, it was nice being in Bracebridge this weekend.
It was only slightly hampered by a nasty cold/cough.
I do wonder if that got worse in Bracebridge because of the line in cat?
Oh well, no matter, the rest of the weekend more than made up for that.

I also learned that moose, are big.
Really big.
Really, really big.
I know.
I bumped into one with my car. Literally bumping.
While on my way through Algonquin Park, I was following a red truck and I think I had a Subaru behind me.
I noticed that the truck was slowing down, so I did the same.
Then the truck kinda drifted to the left, so I figured it was dodging some kind of small animMOOSE!
It comes charging across the street from my left and enters my field of vision with just enough time for me to slam on the breaks.
Well, I mostly missed it. I nudged it’s rear left leg with the drivers side headlight.
I doubt I actually hurt the moose as there was no actual damage to the car, just a mud smudge.
The way I figure it, if I swerved a little to the right, I would have gone right under the damn thing.

The rest of the journey there was rather uneventful, which is good because I nearly lost bowel control on the last eventful incident.

When I got to Rich and Sarah’s, the dog was really happy to get the hell out of the car.
To a point where walking her anywhere near the car caused her to go to the end of her leash, trying to get as far from the car as possible.
She seemed to get along well enough with their dog, however it’s when their three year old son showed up, that’s when the excitement started.
Apparently Qanuk has never seen anything at her own height that stands on two legs, so she went right in close to investigate.
She didn’t bit, and I don’t think she licked his face either, just stuck her nose in his face trying to figure out what he was.
It was a funny sight to see ^_^

Friday was spent catching up, eating tacos, and watching a movie.
Not so much in that order.

Sleeping Friday night was a pain. Every time I moved I hacked up something, and therefore woke up.
I don’t think I did a lot of sleeping.

Saturday was mostly spent burning wood and hanging out.
Oh, and watching the dogs run around chasing each other.
I think they were running for about three hours. Niko tired out after that, but Qanuk was still wanting to go.
Dammed Huskies ^_^

Saturday night Rob and Emma popped over.
It’s always fun to catch up with them.
Of course we all drank and played video games.
However, we called it a night at about 2am. We all agreed that we’re just getting old and can’t go for as long as we used to.

See, I used to bring up the PC all the way up there and we played anything we could get our hands on.
It almost always ended with us playing AtomicBomberman.
That was the only game where the more power-ups you got, the more a danger to yourself you became.

Sunday was really just a puttering around day.
However, I did get a chance to visit Shayne at his new place.
Place looks good for a family of 5. He wants to do some additional work that should add a lot of value to the place.
He and his family are also doing well, and the girls are growing up so fast.
It’s hard to think that his oldest is 9 already.
I remember when she was crawling on the ground, waking me up by pulling on my beard ^_^

The trip home was uneventful, which is also good.
I did see a red fox though.

The dog feels better at home. Either that, or she’s already bored.

I should really get up there more than once a year. Everyone else agrees ^_^

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