Meeting Day

I’m heading into the first of 6 meetings today. People wonder how I get any work done.

I wonder too 😉

Dress shopping last night with Tara was interesting. It’s not really shopping for a dress, as the title might mislead you.

It’s outfit shopping, which includes handbags, jewelery and shoes.

But it’s ok, she bought me the Darth Vader Mighty Mugg 🙂

So it’s all good.

Tonight we’re signing the contract for the wedding photographer. We’re bringing my parents along in case they want anything extra, as you get a 20% discount when you choose at the time of signing.

Sneaky, but it works.

Other than that it’s just Thursday.

How’s your Thursday going?

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  1. AJ

    Hey Guy!

    How’s things? ‘Just thought I’d drop you our bi-annual ‘hello’ (heheh).
    So when’s the big day? ‘Must be coming up soon. Give us a shout some time if you’re in the area.. OK, that may never happen as Sydenham is a little out of the way but even if you’re passing through on your way to TO, stop in!
    Anyhow, CIAO for now,



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