Friday has finally come, and it’s too damn hot outside!
And for those that might think that if it was too cold I’d be complaining that I wished it was warmer, go through the archives and find where it says I complained about the cold.
Sorry, it’s the heat talking.
I think I have to move further North or something.
Like Alert.
Wonder if they have cable modems….Anyway, Friday’s here and I have nothing to do.
Since I refuse to see 2 Fast 2 Stupid, there are no movies playing that I can convince others to go to.
I didn’t see the first one in the theatre, I’m not about to see the crappy sequal to a crappy movie in the theatre.
And of course the police are up in arms about it, and how it glorifies street racing, blah blah blah.
If movies only showed us the stuff that was legal and right to do, no one would go. It’s escapism, not reality TV.
There are plenty of movies about murders and other nasty things, but no one raises a stink about them!
Well, almost no one.So now I have to find something else to do.
Not sure what that will be, maybe something exciting is happening somewhere else.
But I doubt it.


  1. Olletho

    Toronto has been nice nd cool all week, It’s been lovely, just warm enough for the rose bush I planted to grow.
    *sigh* it can’t last.

  2. aelfric melted

    Like hell – last night we were jamming and damn near melted in the kitchen. Ick. Goop. Bloorg! But today it is nice and cool. So I can waste time and not sweat it ;-)Don’t know what I’m going to do today although ‘visit Songbird’ and ‘Sweet F.A.’ come to mind.

  3. SideKick

    As usual, I’ve been proven wrong.I did see it.That is all ^_^


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