Mirror Mirror Internet

I get an email this morning that one of the OSC sites that maintain is throwing some kind of virus warning.
So I log onto the site and it throws a 404. OK, maybe the host deleted or suspended the site because of the virus. It’s happened before and it kinda makes sense now.
I login to the CPanel and the File Manager. There’s no store.
I check the databases. There’s no store.
I email back the person, and they say that they can still connect to the store.
And that they can see the database in the CPanel.
Odd, so I try again. Still no luck.
So I’m thinking that; maybe I installed it to a different host. So I try my default host.
Nope, no store, test or otherwise, and no database.
OK, maybe it’s actually on the original host?

—side note
I’m working on three separate hosts:
1. HostPapa for my default(where this blog is)
2. Another HostPapa, where things are going to be moving to, and where this OSC *should* be
3. The old host which is rather limiting and we’re trying to move away from
—end side note

After doing a little back and forth via email, I get a call.
They’re sitting at the computer, they go to the site, and they see the store.
They navigate the store.
They can login to the store.
Cache alone doesn’t do this.
I go to the site again. I get a 404.
So I send him the link to the CPanel that I’m logged in at. He goes there; different layout, different server.
He can see the backend database, I cannot.
He tries a different computer connected to the same internet hookup. *Now* they can see the same thing I can.
Clear the cache on the old computer, same problem. Install a portable web browser, same problem.
Reboot the computer(bad DNS cache?). Nope.
So…ummm…we backed up the database from the mystery location, backed up the store from the same mystery location, and now I’ll do something with it.
In all of this, one question had to be asked:
Did the store they were seeing have a goatee?

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