Model Madness

So I’m scanning through Hobby Japan, when I come across something odd.
It was a model of Rei Ayanami from Evangellion. This in itself isn’t so odd.
The fact that it was 1/1 SCALE WAS!
Yes, at 450,000円(yen) you too can have your very own Rei Ayanami! Fully Posible!
Just the thought of insane fanboys scraping together this much cash to have one scares me.
As it turns out, Paper Moon, the company that brought you this, seems to make a few 1/1 scale figures.
And what freaky collection would be complete without Asuka!, for a measly 350,000円. AND, for an extra 40,000円, you can buy the yellow dress for her.
I guess the saying is true, if you build it, they will come, and that’s the part that scares me.

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