New thingy in the pics section today.
It’s a really great example on how one can totally waste a Sunday.
And I did.
Have to go pay rent today, mail a letter, rework my cover letter, and call people.
Not very exciting yet.


  1. aelfric the scornful

    You sir need more hobbies. And you wouldn’t think I’d say that! And how did you get such a dreadful picture of Jim? That is shocking.

  2. matt

    Howdy Bill!
    I’ve been lurking long enough that I owe you a comment.
    I like it.
    It disturbs me, but I like it.
    Robin laughed too (going to show that either I’ve worn her down, or she’s beginning to appreciate the things that are truly great in life).

  3. Darcy

    Hey! Fark!
    Did you see my Kelly Brook entry?! I came in second. I’m so proud.

  4. SideKick

    Yea, I stole all the images, except the Klingon Penguin(I’m happy to say I constructed that myself) from Fark. It seemed appropriate at the time.


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