Monday, 3 days left!

OK, so today is Monday, and there’s only a few short days left till I drag my big butt to Florida!
It’s gonna be a sweet ride, a long ride but a sweet one I think ^_^

I have to start blanking tapes tonight to capture the journy down, and I should charge up the batteries for the camera. I’ll be taking my laptop so that I can take plenty of pics and just download them every night to the larger hard drive.
So much more convienent than film.

On sadder news, Tolga computers has FINALLY gone out of business. They’ve been on the verfe of going under for about five years now, but Saturday was the final day.
Now, the sad news isn’t that Tolga has gone under, but my friend Scott lost his job as a result. He states that he hated it all along, and maybe this will make him get his butt in gear to get a better one.
But not this week I’m sure ^_^

I should look over the directions of the trip down and then compaire them to the big road atlas that Ben bought me. Hmmm, typing that made me think of “Big, Fat, Road Manager…”
Wonder why?
Suppose it should be a big fat road atlas. Whatever.

Tonight I have to see if I can score some sandles, cheap ones, and maybe some comfortable pants for the long trip down. Jeans are nice, sitting in jeans for 22 hours will SUCK!
And since there are other people in the car, it can’t be a ‘pants free zone’. Sadly.
I should also clean out the car and get that power inverter back from my brother. Not to mention buy a tape adapter for my MP3 player. Then make some MP3 cds.
Ever get the feeling I should have done this about a month ago?

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