Monday Again….

Had to happen. It’s Monday.
Well, I won’t talk much about the shuttle accident on Saturday. It’s a shame. I remember the last one and where I was, and no I think I’ll remember what I was doing at the time of this one(mind you, it was looking for boobies on Fark, but I’ll remember).Sunday I watched the 50th anniversary of American Bandstand, and Dick Clark hasn’t aged a day!
He has to be in his 70’s, and he looks like he’s in his 40’s, tops!
I hope one day it’s proven that he’s not really a person, but a whole race of people that share the same name, look and memories. I’d believe that over any other reason as to why he looks so young.And now it’s Monday and I’m doing the Monday thing.I’ve been told that we have a quiz on Wednesday so I’ll hae to do some studying. I want to get an A+ in this course, like the last one, but this time I think I’ll REALLY have to work for it. Not to say that the last one was a gimmie, but this material is a little harder to fully grasp.
At least I think so. The concept is easy enough, just the little code bits. And I suppose that’s just a matter of reading the material and doing a little work on my own time.
Should be fine actually.
Or so I think. ^_^

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  1. aelfric the highly dubious

    Nah, just go in and wing it. ‘Classes? We don’t need no steenkin’ classes.’ And then do all the assignments in PL/1 on punch cards.Come on, I dare you.


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