Monday Evil….

I’m starting to feel like this more and more in the morning.
Don’t know why, I should be sleeping well in the ‘air conditioning’.
Anyway, since I was to blame for Bens Friday, he cursed me with a Monday, and damn is it a doozy.
I have some interesting nes about my video card maker. Why is it that I always pick the guys that are just about to go out of business?
Now I have to pick someone else…someone else that won’t be quite as cheap. Oh well. The way I understand things is that the nVidia drivers will work with virtually any card anyway, so it’s not a total loss. Besides, Visiontek didn’t provide Linux drivers.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go mask my parent?s house so that I can paint the deck again.
Enjoy your Monday, and if you don’t, blame Ben…..

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  1. aelfric the blamed

    Blame Canada, Blame Canada… heard it all the time when I taught in the UK. Not going to bother me now!


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