Monday Monday

I feel I should update…but I don’t know what to say.

I’m still toying with the NaNoWriMo thing, I have ideas floating in my head that just want to go somewhere.
But the lack of enthusiasim is just killing me.

Work is work. Apparently I broke protocol when I sent a lone email to some manager dude.
He replied to the world. Not that he was mean, but it sent everyone else in a tizzy. And I don’t even know what a tizzy is.
As one manager put it “Well, it’s a way to become famous”.

No real harm done, just brought peoples attention to something. And that’s good because no one was really paying attention to it.
And now, they can pay attention to it instead of me ^_^

Funny though, just as I thought it was all sorted out, I get a meeting invite from my bosses boss. Opps.
Turns out it’s an annual event and they just want to get to know me better.
Woot. Just the timing had me all in a tizzy. Still don’t know what a tizzy is, but I was in it.
From what I gather, tizzys are small things that make you feel like your head is spinning.
Normally I would pay to feel this way, but this time I was paid to feel this way.
Did I win?

Saw B and over the weekend, and we had the slowest lunch ever.
$0.10 tip slow.
Not impressed.

But the rest of the visit and weekend was cool. Although, rather short. But I did get stuff done.

I partially set up the “media system”, and it mostly works! I can stream anime from my main system to the main TV. And that’s cool because it is so much easier to watch anime on a TV than it is a monitor.
And there’s a couch in front of the TV, and only a creaky chair in front of the monitor.

Paid for most of the trip to Cuba. I think that’ll be a fun time. Looks like a really posh resort.
And a lot of booze.
I’ll either be sick the whole time or it’ll be raining. But at least if it’s raining I can still drink for free ^_^
That’ll make me sick.

Guess I did have stuff to say. Now off to read what other people had to say.

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