Kinda did my taxes last night. Had to run back to the office to pick up a piece of paper that later turned out not to be useful, but it was good to have.

It appears that putting all that money into an RRSP was a good thing, as my return this year is just shy of 4K!
Nearly fell out of my chair when I read that. Which means I have to triple check everything that I entered just in case.
The responsible thing to do with that money is to put it all onto the Visa. I was getting worried about that for a little while, thinking that a second job would be handy to help pay it off, but with this bit of cash, I should be ok.

The funny part, well, not really funny, but funny to me, is that the amount that I’m getting back is roughly what the Gov is taking from my room mate. So, I’m just stealing by proxy. Which is fine by me ^_^

Gonna see a flick tonight, 16 Blocks. Looks alright. They use the standard tag line all action films get at this time of year; “The first great action film of the year!”
Which means nothing.
I’m not sure if this will be a good date movie, but we’ll find out ^_^

I’m also thinking of tearing down my room this weekend. Since I have to move soon anyway, and most of the stuff in my room isn’t all that useful, I might has well start with it.
I honestly think it’ll be the majority of my packing. All the stuff in the basement is already in boxes, so that’s easy.
The DVDs, well, it’ll require some kind of crane to move those, but they’re easy to pack.
Kitchen stuff won’t take long since the only appliances I’m taking are the microwave and the blender. Almost forgot I had a blender.
And I think that’s it. I’m thinking that there must be more…but I don’t know where.

I think I’m going to take my closing day off. I’m sure it would just be easier to do that instead of trying to run around.
Also, this way I can move some small stuff, like the TV, computers, DVDs, and get all of that crap out of the way for the larger things.

Suppose I should go back to work.

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