Ya know, this whole weblog thing is kinda fun.
I get to update it from anywhere that has access(thanks to my l33t skillz)(and the fact that I put a login button on the main page), and people can add comments and stuff….
Not that they have, but they will ^_^.
Yesterday was spent cleaning and painting Ds tire rims. Yes, painting. And I have to say that it makes a world of difference between the old black and the new gold. Pictures will be following.
Today is more of the same and then dinner with the folks. That’s always nice, I don’t see them as much as I probably should. Mind you, in about two weeks time I’ll see them as much as I see my current house mates since I’ll be living there.
On another note, I’ll be getting EI soon….don’t know how I feel about that, but it is money coming in.
And staying for very little before I have to pay out to loans and Visas and the like…..
Still have to send e-mail to people about jobs, and I’ll get that done tonight.
Later ^_^

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