(Really from last night)
To and from Montreal in a day. Easy task really. Getting to Montreal is a breeze, coming home is a breeze, navigating within Montreal is a little tricky. To be honest, this was the easiest time in Montreal ever. I guess third time lucky.
We did the normal Montreal things; looked for fabric, wandered and ate fish. All was good, and as usual I didn’t spend a lot of money, but AJ did, and that’s usually the case.
I guess being a famous fashion designer will do that to you.
In other news, nothing has happened on the job front. But I will be sending a nice e-mail to AJs dad in hopes that he’ll be able to get me a job somewhere in the government. That would be nice, actually that would be frickin amazing!
My EI starts to arrive around August 23rd. I think.
There’s a new Gundam series about to be broadcast on Japanese TV, called Gundam SEED. They say it’s going to be targeted at the mid-teen level, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when I get to watch it. One day…not soon I’m sure.
Which reminds me, I still have to see a whole snot load of Gundam. I guess I need that job more than I thought.
Well, really tired and my feet hurt so I’m gonna snooze….later.

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