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On the off chance that you didn’t know, I’m a first time parent and my son is now 13 months old. He brings a joy to my life that I didn’t knew existed, and I worry about a future I can’t really protect him from.

And it’s because of this that I find myself more moved by TV shows that involve kids. Didn’t really see that coming did you? 😉

Yes, this includes shows like Dexter and The Walking Dead. Both involve children in some way now(Dexter has a two year old son, and the Walking Dead has a 12 year old). In a recent episode of Dexter, his son has a burst appendix and is rushed to the hospital.

Nearly cried like a baby. Over the fictional son of a serial killer.

And on the Walking Dead the boy was shot.

See above, except the serial killer part.

I have a feeling that I wasn’t always this way. It’s not that I would feel nothing, it’s just that I was able to separate tv from reality. Hmm, that doesn’t seem right. I can still do that, but I guess the nature of my life is has changed in such a way that certain stories affect me differently now. I feel a closer connection to a character that has children, and when those children are in danger. That being said, if the actual character was in danger, meh. But throw the kid in there, weepy dude.

I’m not sure where this stems from, but I’m thinking that I’m seeing things on the screen that could actually happen in my life. No, it’s unlikely that I would be set upon by a pack of zombies, but Liam could be injured/shot in some kind of accident. Something like that could happen. The seed is planted, and then my rather overactive imagination starts to run wild. What would I do, how would I react, what’s the worst outcome, could I deal with it? These are the things that start to flood into me and I just have to let it run it’s course. I don’t think I’ve ever totally broken down, but I’ve come close. And, really, I have no problem with that. I think it makes me a more in tune parent. Or at least, I’d like to think it does 🙂

I should take this time to point out that it’s not limited to kids. If there’s a similar situation with a wife, then I’m in the same boat. I think it’s also seeing a situation that could happen, and I would have no control over. And that get’s to me at times.

So there you go, my family has turned me into a big wuss 😛

But I don’t mind.

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