More Car and Weekend

Finally took the car in for servicing today. I dropped a big hint about the MAF, and with any luck they picked up on it and will just simply replace it.
With any luck….

Went up to Sydnahm(?) this weekend to see AJ and Mike. That was a good time, very happy to see people, and very happy to be seen ^_^
Went to the beach on Saturday and I picked up a little more sun. But not too much.
Sunday was mostly spent at a community picknick, and I tells ya, the food, the food.
There was enough food to feed the Canadian military, and then give them all leftovers.
I know I didn’t escape without some ^_^

A beer commercial has reminded me that once again, summer is slipping away.
And it’s too bad, because I really haven’t done anything with it. It seems like yesterday I was having beer, watching Zim, on Canada Day.
But that was about a month ago. And that relaly only leaves one month left.
And that kinda sucks.
I didn’t make my movie, I didn’t exercise enough, and generally just wasted my summer.
Mind you, I’ve been doing that for years I guess. But I wanted to do something slightly different this year.
I guess nothing will top the ‘trip year’ in 2001. Boy, I should do that again. Maybe not all the way to LongBeach, but going out to BC and back would be cool.
I’d take my time, see the sights, and generally enjoy myself.
Besides, I hear they have all you can eay sushi in BC, gotta find that ^_^

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