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Downloaded and installed the new Firefox 2 RC1 yesterday, and then went back to 1.5 this morning.
Most of it looks fine, and other than one big glaring thing, I would be happy to use it.
The big glaring thing?
Currently with FF, if you have more than one tab open(as I often do) there is a close button on the far right that stays there.
You don’t have to move the mouse over to the current tab to close it.
I like that.
It’s missing from 2.
Now, maybe there’s a setting in FF to make this happen, but I didn’t see it in the usual Tools section, so I assume that it’s not there.
Which means I’ll be using 1.5 for now until:
1. They change that function
2. Someone makes an extension to emulate this function
3. Someone figures out how to make this work anyway

So yea, other than that it looks great.

I was doing some drive cleaning/moving around last night.
I moved stuff off of one drive and formatted that drive.
It’s a 150 gig drive.
When it was formatted, it stated that it was 150gig, but that there was 21 gigs being used.
By nothing.
Even after running a full scan/repair on that drive it was reporting the same thing.
So, I went into the driver manager, deleted the partition, and now it’s a 128gig drive.
How odd.
You would think that, at least with XP SP2, they would have cleared up this little problem.
The ATA card notes the proper size of the drive, so you would hope that MS would finally get around to realizing that big drives are the norm now.
You would think.
Apparently not.
So, I searched online, found the reg key that I needed, applied it and rebooted.

Now, before I go on, let me explain something.
I had a dual boot system. On the main drive(250gig) it was split about 25/75 windows/linux.
But since I knew I was going to reformat everything, I dropped the linux partition and moved a bunch of stuff there to burn off later.

So, I dropped the Linux partition. I repeat this because it’s important to know this before you reboot your Windows computer.
Especially if you have the GRUB loader saved in the MBR.
Because now it doesn’t boot.
Well, it boots, loads GRUB, and errors out because it can’t find the Linux code to continue.
Not the end of the world. All I have to do is find the Windows CD, pop it in, go into a recover mode and reset the MBR.
But at 11:30, I didn’t feel like it.


  1. flying_squirrel

    I have a tiny button on my mouse that’s wired up to send CTRL-W. So I hardly every use the little red close button anyway…

  2. sidekickca

    Good Idea!

    I have something like that, but to open in a new tab.

    It’s just one of those little annoyances that happens from time to time. Sooner or later someone will find a way around it ^_^


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