More computers….

OK, so the good news is that the network card looks like its fine.
THe bad news is the rest of the computer might be poo.
Well, maybe not that bad. But it rebooted again while I was in the middle of NeverWinter Nights, and at this point the network card wasn’t even in the mochine.
So then I think it’s software based. The logical thing to do is re-create the partition from the image that I made. Well, I packed the boot disk. OK, I’ll just re-install it. Fine, then it reboots during the install process(in a place it shouldn’t have) and then does this rapid-fire series of reboots. Well then, this wasn’t right.
Disconnect some hardware – no dice.
Remove the reset switch – all seems to be good….for now.
Mind you, in the odd state of mind that I was in, it never occured to me to properly back stuff up. So, I lost my resumes(easily found online mind you), my favorites, most of my settings(actually, all of my settings) and all the programs that I had installed.
Oh well, live and learn….mind you I don’t seem to be learning.
And of course I’ve packed my Office2K Cd….so no e-mail….
I think I’m gonna go to bed….

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  1. 07/24/2002 11:34 AM EST

    HAHA. My computer is acting funny too.Cant get a good video set up. always scanlines on the monitor. I think its the Intel Mainboard. Gunna get the boys to check it out where I got it. Its still usable and everything, just annoying. Maybe the AGP slot or something.


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