More Dog Days

Tonight was the first lession.
Sit and Stay.
I knew she could do one, but I didn’t really have any hope for the other.
But she got it. On the very last try, but at least she stayed.

Then, apparently overcome with joy, she threw up.

But at least the lession was learned.
Not that staying still will make you throw up, but that you can sit still in the first place.

It’s also good to know that other people have problems with their dog.
I suppose that’s the whole point. After all, if your dog was perfect, you wouldn’t be needing the classes.

I also found out that I probably shouldn’t be doing real training during the walk. Meaning, as we’re walking.
I think there’s a soccer pitch on the route, and I might do some training there.
Sort of break up the whole walk thing.
That, and it’s better than pacing back and forth in the house.
So dizzy…

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