more linux fun

Installed Ubuntu on the laptop, and I’m now having fun setting everyting up in a way that I like.
It’s cool when you get to play with a system that isn’t as critical as the main system, you get to spend more time just puttering around with stuff and not having to worry about buggering it up at all.
Mind you, I’m now finding that with some of the options that I have installed, since they’re a little system intensive, the typing(of all things) is a litlte slow.
I don’t think I’m missing characters yet, but I just wonder why it’s starting to do this now.

Figured it out. I’m using this neat desktop switcher app, which allows me to switch active desktops in a neat 3d way, but it was aquiring the screens every x seconds, and I think x was set to about 2. This would spike the CPU usage to 80% every two seconds, which was killing everything else. Just turned that off, and now I’m good.
However, I think my typeing skills have just degraded, wonder what’s causing that? 😛
Could be that it’s almost 1am….

Anyway, having fun, wish you were here…etc….

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