More Long Weekend

Saturday we just tootled about in the morning and pretty much just lazed about in the afternoon.

To be honest I really can’t remember what we were doing…oh yea, I started to clean the office 🙂

It really needs to be cleaned and organized, and right now it’s neither. It’s cleaner and more organized, but just.

Right now I’m trying to sort the trash from the useful stuff and then stuffing the useful stuff in the closet or basement.

It’s going to take a few more passes to really get it done, at least the organizing part. That and there’s some changes that I want to make to the office to make it a wee bit better. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow.

Then Ben came over and we watched Taken(good) and Eagle Eye(not so good). But they were both free so I didn’t mind at all.

Today was church, some random stuff and then dinner with the family. Simon was as cute as ever, but I think that’ll take time to change, if it ever does.

And I’m feeling a little better today. Taking more drugs than I know what to do with, but since I get sick so infrequently, I just tend to drug up and try to push through it as quickly as possible. I hate being sick, and I hate coughing. And this is a dry cough and it’s really annoying.

But I’m feeling better, so something must be working.

Tomorrow is running around and doing stuff and maybe more office cleaning. I’d really like to get it all cleaned and organized.

But I wonder how long that’ll last 😉

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