More mail….

I wonder if the looming threat of GMAIL is making some other people run to add services to thier free e-mail service.
See, I’ve been using Yahoo Mail for about a year now. When I started work, they didn’t have an email address for me, and I made this account so that I could receive work e-mail.
When I finally got my real work e-mail, I kept the yahoo mail just for convience. Well, I had a mailbox limit of 4 megs, and I could have attachments up to 3 megs in size.
Just got a message this morning that they upped the mailbox size…to 100 megs!
That’s no small jump.

The concept of GMAIL, a gig of mail, online, is an exciting one, I’m just a little worried about how many mailing addresses I’ll show up on.
Mind you, with proper spam filtering, this may not be an issue ^_^

Ben is in the UK, and he’ll be updating in the Forums when ever he wants to.
I hope he does well over there, I need at least one rich and powerful friend. ^_^

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