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Gonna go see Matrix Revolutions tonight. And because of that I had to rent REloaded last night to give it a second viewing.<br>
It went better this time. I had problems with it the first time for a few reasons(possible spoilers, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s not my fault):<br>
<li>The million Smith fight scene, the computer animation was WAY below par. There was no texture to the clothing, the faces were poorly done, and the movement was monkey like. It was almost as if at the last minute they had to fire the entire crew and redo the thing in MS Paint(ok, not that bad, but really disapointing). I just finished Max Payne 2, and that looked MUCH better.
<li>Zion, the more I saw of it, the less I could believe in it. That entire society was started by a man and a few followers? No, not even close. If per chance they stumbled onto a non-functioning city and made some repairs and started it up, sure, what the heck, but not from scratch as they elude to.
<li>They flying. Didn’t like it at the end of the first, didn’t like it in Reloaded. But that’s minor.<br>
All that aside, I knew what the movie wasn’t so I was looking for what it was. And what it was, was background story, hints at the future and generally not a bad film. Watching The Animatrix helped a little, and going into the movie with a better understanding of what it wasn’t helped me enjoy it more the second time than the first.<br>
So now I get to see if Revolutions is a complete letdown. I don’t think it will be, I’ll just have to leave my brain at the door.<br>
Still writing, still making the daily goal, still sucking at it ^_^

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