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So yesterday wasn’t the root canal. That’ll be next week.

Yesterday was just cutting into her gums to releive the infection. Still gross and stressful, but she does feel better now, which is mucho better in my book.

I’m taking next Thursday morning off so that I can be here for her after the root canal.

So thank you all for the good vibes, but I’ll be asking again next week so keep those good vibes handy 🙂

Playing with Songbird at the moment as a replacement for Winamp. I like Winamp, and always have, but it’s having a weird problem with my MP3 player at the moment.

For some reason now Winamp crashes everytime I plug in the Sansa. Not sure what’s going on. I suspect it has more to do with Windows or some other app doing something wonky. Even new installs of Winamp is causing this issue. So I’ll try something else.

I tried Media Monkey, but I didn’t like the smart playlist thing, at least not the free one.

Songbird has the better smartlist function but it can only monitor one folder for changes. This would be alright if I didn’t keep all my music/podcasts kinda seperated. But I think I can live with it for now. Or at least until they change it.

Or if I change my setup. Which would be easier to be honest.

Having fun with the Xbox, and Tara likes the fact that we can watch the downloaded TV/Movies on it as well.  And friends will lend me some games, which should keep me busy.

MS just announced that they’ll start a game download service like Steam but with actual money and not gamer points. Which is nice, I think I would prefer that. I want some of the little arcade games, but I don’t want to run out and get a gamer point card(lazy that way) and I really love that they don’t offer discounts on the higher point cards. Nice of them 🙂

And they’ll have facebook and twitter on the dashboard, which will suck until I get a keyboard thingy. Not that I likely will.

Anyway, back to work.

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