More Omen

Watching the original this time.
They’ve actually changed more than I thought they had.
The new Omen has added some ‘background’ story about the signs and the like. And of course the random explosion.
There are also some line changes, not the words, but who says them, and that’s the odd part.
It switches how characters progress, and it’s actually kinda interesting.
That, and Patrick Troughton makes a better mad priest ^_^
I’m glad that I didn’t watch the original before the new one, otherwise I would have been watching it in a different way.
Already, I was looking to see what they had screwed up, but I have to say now that at least it’s not a word for word remake of the original.
Not to say that it’s better/worse, just updated.
I would also have to say that they actually slowed down the pace of the new one, something that I really didn’t expect(this is just from watching the original).
The child actor that plays Damion is better in the original. The new one just wanted to be creepy, nothing more. The original is actually a 5 year old, happy, cheerful(when he’s not being creepy). Keeps the audience on a little more edge I think.

Gonna go make some popcorn and enjoy this movie again.

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  1. flying_squirrel

    Oh yeah! I’d forgotten Patrick Troughton was in that! 😀


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