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I suppose I should retract/alter my full opinion of ‘art house’ theaters.
I don’t actually hate them, I was just in a real pissy mood Friday.

However, I have to say that the ByTown isn’t anything special, and maybe my hatred of Friday was mostly directed at that specific theater.
I have to say, if A Scanner Darkly was playing just about anywhere else, I might not have minded so much. Sure, I would have been pissy, but maybe not as much.

I remember going to the Mayfair and really enjoying myself. However, it appears to have gone the way of second-run over pure art-house. But I have to say, they’re schedule was much better.
Instead of playing for a week, it would attempt to break it up over the month.
That, and it’s 2 for 1, which is always keen.
And I have to say, I prefer the look of the Mayfair over the ByTown. Both are retro, but the ByTown just looks old and cheap, whereas the MayFair looks old and elegant.
Maybe my perception is just a little wonky.

The seats at the ByTown do kinda kick ass, if only it wasn’t for the plastic headrests(kinda sweaty).

The movie was good, a must see. However, I’m not sure it’s a must ‘on the big screen’ see.

I’m talking to a customer that sounds a lot like Emo Williams. A. Lot.


  1. flying_squirrel

    Granted, I’ve never been to the ByTown. I considered checking it out a couple times when I was living with my aunt and uncle, but never got around to it.

    The Princess in Waterloo is a nice little theatre, though. They’ve now got two different theatres: their funky, old one which, in most practical respects probably isn’t much to speak about, but I just like it on principle, and they just opened up a nice, new two-screen location with nice seats and nice sound and all that. The new one is mostly doing second-run, while the old one gets the arty stuff. We just saw Thank You For Smoking last night (which was awesome, btw). The Scanner Darkly will be there on the 28th, so I’m gonna have to wait till then to see it, provided it doesn’t get a wider release first.

  2. sidekickca

    I would imagine that it won’t get a wider release by the 28th, but yes, Thank You for Smoking was really really funny!

    I should go see that one again actually. Maybe at the Mayfair ^_^


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