More Vacation

Today was mostly spent talking to old friends of Tara(really good folk) and helping Tara’s friend setup for their wedding.

I have to admit that paying someone else to do it is totally worth it.

It’s included in our wedding package, so yea, it costs but it’s looking to be worth it.

I’ve helped setup for a couple of weddings, and all it takes is a few A types in there to make things a little chaotic. But I have to admit it all looks good and I suspect it’ll go off like clockwork tomorrow.

I passed the test with all of Tara’s friends, which is a releif as I’ve been studying hard. 😉

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  1. Scott

    Nice work on passing the wedding test 😉 Looks like Jen’s mom will take Alice wednesday.. we will run off for a movie date and see Terminator then. Woohoo! A night with only adults!


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